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2017 FIA NICEPAL fruit and vegetable powder curtain opens

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NICEPAL fruit powder will meet you in Bangkok, Thailand from September 13 to 15, 2017. This exhibition is the first time that Nicepal fruit powder has been set up in the Thai market. FIA is a landmark exhibition in the field of food additives and original ingredients. While gathering excellent suppliers of food ingredients, FIA also gathers in the direction of functional food ingredients and advocates healthy and natural concepts. NICEPAL entered the booth of NATURAL INGREDIENT PAVILLON natural food raw material area with its highly praised natural fruit and vegetable powder products.

Internationalization Upgrade


NICEPAL welcomed customers from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico on its first day of operation.  NICEPAL has a total of 40 products on display this time. While meeting the needs of China, Europe and the United States, NICE PAL continues to develop the "Going Global" specially invited international buyer program. NICEPAL has greatly exerted its geographical effect and radiated neighboring countries and regions of China, including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. In recent years, the international buyers of NICEPAL fruit and vegetable powder have maintained an annual growth of 30%.

2017 FIA NICEPAL fruit and vegetable powder curtain opens


NICEPAL fruit and vegetable powder serves many excellent enterprises in the food industry at home and abroad, which represents that NICEPAL fruit and vegetable powder leads the most advanced productivity, the most advanced thinking concept and the most fashionable lifestyle in the fruit and vegetable powder industry. Now, NICEPAL 2017 Thailand market is opening up, and we look forward to your presence!

September 2017 Asia (Thailand) Food Ingredients Show (FIA)

Booth number: S4

Exhibition period: September 13 -15, 2017

Exhibition hall: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition centre

Address of exhibition hall: 88 Bangna-Trad Road (km.1), Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand


Nicepal TEL:13976677748 (Global)



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