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In 2020

"Desiccated Coconut series products" went on sale.

In 2019

Started to cooperate with Unilever Group brands.

In 2018

Got BRC certification and operate according to BRC Food Technical Standard.

In 2017

The production technology of fresh coconut water was conquered, and the "coconut water powder" was made.So far, a total of 36 types of fruit and vegetable powder series products have been put on sale.

In 2016

"NICEPAL” brand won the well-known brand in Hainan Province; got Halal certification and KOSHER certification.

In 2015

The company successfully developed "Green Current” brand fruit tablet candy series products with fruit and vegetable powder.

In 2014

Developed lime powder and lime enzyme products, etc., and won national patents one by one.

In 2013

Stared to export independently, NICEPAL brand fruit and vegetable powder products are exported to overseas countries.

In 2012

Gradually started business cooperation with Master Kong brand, Orion brand, and House brand.

In 2009

Studied the world problem of "difficult color preservation and easy browning of fresh bananas in deep processing", and then successfully developed banana powder using fresh banana as raw material.

In 2007

Pineapple powder, pumpkin powder and other fruit and vegetable powders were put on sale.

In 2006

Papaya powder and mango powder were put on sale.

In 2005

Coconut milk powder went on sale.

In 2004

The company developed tropical fruit powder series products: coconut milk powder, papaya powder, mango powder, pineapple powder and other fruit and vegetable powders.

In 2003

NICEPAL fruit wine series won the national invention patent.

In 2001

NICEPAL fruit wine series won the national torch plan project.

In 2000

Successfully developed tropical fruit wine series,including litchi wine,starfruit wine, rambutan wine, guava wine, etc.

In May,1999

The company was established and the NICEPAL Tropical Fruit Research Center was established.

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