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GOOD NEWS! National High-tech Enterprise

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GOOD NEWS! Hainan Nicepal Industry Co., Ltd  is pleased to be awarded the title of "National High-tech Enterprise"!

In my country, high-tech enterprises generally refer to the resident enterprises that continue to carry out research and development and the transformation of technological achievements, form the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and carry out business activities based on this within the scope of the “High-tech Fields Supported by the State” ,and they’re knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entities.


High-tech enterprise recognition is the state's recognition and affirmation of the company, the fundamental driving force for the development of the company, and it is an indispensable hard sign for the company, which has a significant influence on the development of the company.


According to the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" (Guoke Fahuo [2016] No. 32) and the "Guidelines for the Management of High-tech Enterprise Recognition" (Guoke Fahuo [2016] No. 195), the office of the Leading Group for National High-tech Enterprise Certification Managemente issued the "Notice on Publicizing the List of the Third Batch of High-tech Enterprises to be Recognized in Hainan Province in 2020", and Hainan Nicepal Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully passed the high-tech enterprise certification.


Hainan Nicepal Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of coconut  powder, tropical fruit and vegetable powder, desiccated coconut and frozen fruit pulp, etc. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity in the world, benefiting the country and the people", and has always adhered to the green, healthy and nutritious product concept to meet the needs of consumers and provide you with original and good raw materials.

Winning this honor is the support and affirmation of Hainan Nicepal Industry Co.,Ltd from all circles of life and customers. "National High-tech Enterprise" is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. It is not only an affirmation and recognition of Hainan Nicepal's R&D capabilities and overall technical level, but also an incentive and spur to the company's R&D and innovative personnel. The majority of customers have provided confidence assurance, enhanced the enthusiasm of employees, and at the same time marked that our company's R&D technical capabilities have reached a higher level.

Hainan Nicepal Industry Co.,Ltd  has always been adhering to the company's belief, not forgetting its original intention, insisting on making good products, and doing its best to provide customers with better products and better services.

Red Guava Powder
Creamerbulk Milk Coconut Powder for Plants
Whole Foods Milk Coconut Powder for Plants

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