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Hi & Fi Asia-China 2021

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Hi & Fi Asia-China 2021

Exhibition name: Hi & Fi Asia-China 2021

Address: NECC(Shanghai)

Time: June 23-June 25,2021

Nicepal booth No.: 4.1H65

The 23rd Hi & Fi Asia-China 2021 exhibition ended on June 25, 2021 at NECC Shanghai.

During the exhibition, Nicepal showed customers coconut milk powder, fruit and vegetable powder, quick-frozen coconut milk, quick-frozen fruit and vegetable puree and shared the application in the food industry.


Red Guava Powder
Pure Pineapple Powder for Baking Ingredients
Quick-frozen Wampee Puree Wampee Pulp - NFC Fruit And Vegetable Pulp

Jackie Xu (American market)                                    Tina Chen (Oceania market)                                
   +86 -13707584512                                                 +86- 13698997644
  +86-898-66736820                                                 +86-898- 65871198


Daisy Xu (Asian market)                                             

   +86- 13719230270                                                
   +86-898-66736780                                                

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