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Nicepal Fruit and Vegetable Powder Takes You to Thailand FIA Exhibition Site

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Direct Strike Exhibition | Nicepal Fruit and Vegetable Powder Takes You to Thailand FIA Exhibition Site!

On September 11, 2019, Thailand's Bangkok International Food Ingredients Exhibition (FI ASIA) opened in a grand ceremony at Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center. Hainan Nicepal, as a food industry manufacturer (booth number: N33), made a wonderful appearance at this exhibition.

(Overall Map of Exhibition Hall)


During the exhibition, Hainan Nicepal displayed coconut milk powder, mango powder, pumpkin powder, ginger powder and other fruit and vegetable powder.  Relying on the rich tropical fruit resources in Hainan Island, Hainan Nicepal specializes in the production of Nicepal tropical fruit and vegetable powder series products by adopting the world's advanced spray drying technology. It has passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification, BRC Global Food Safety Standard, HALAL Certification and KOSHER Certification.


On the first day of the exhibition, we welcomed customers from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico. At the scene, Nicepal colleagues carried out fruit and vegetable powder tasting, blending and drinking tests, and also communicated with the audience and shared the application of fruit and vegetable powder in the food industry.

The exhibition is still in progress. Nicepal continues to wait for your arrival. Welcome to visit!


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