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Tianjin Ice Cream Show Successfully Ends

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Tianjin Ice Cream Show Successfully Ends!  Nicepal’s firing at full blast, very exciting.

The 22nd China Ice Cream and Frozen Food Industry Expo was opened at Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on 14th.  More than 400 famous Chinese and foreign brands, leading enterprises, suppliers and service providers in the ice cream industry gathered in Tianjin.  Congratulations to Nicepal for being the "Most Popular Exhibitor for Online Exhibitions"

Since the opening of Tianjin ice cream show on October 14, the time has been fast, and the closing time has come in an instant.  In a short period of three days, Nicepal fruit and vegetable powder booth welcomed many colleagues from domestic and foreign industries to visit and consult. Countless wonderful moments are worth remembering again and again.

Nicepal colleagues are so enthusiastic and full of smiles to welcome customers and introduce carefully. Awesome!

Tianjin Ice Cream Fair Comes to an End. Nicepal Fruit and Vegetable Powder is Great!

The exhibition has been successfully concluded. Hainan Nicepal Fruit and Vegetable Powder will not stop moving forward. We will not forget our initiative mind and will continue to adhere to quality and innovation, polish ourselves with ingenuity and take perfection as a belief to hone progress. Thanks again for the patronage of old and new customers. We will meet again next year.


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