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How long does mango powder last?

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Our fruit powder is made of fresh fruit raw materials, through a series of processes such as drying, pulping, cooking, homogenization, spray drying, packaging and storage, and processing with internationally advanced spray-drying technology and equipment. The mango milk made from mango powder is mellow and delicious, making it an excellent winter drink.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of mango powder: 

1. Rich variety and taste of mango powders

2. How long is the storage time of mango powder?

3. How to preserve mango powder?

Mango Powder


1. Rich variety and taste of mango powders

Mango powder has a rich variety and taste, and it can also be used for dish production.

Mango powder itself can be divided into many types, according to the psychological and physical needs of different consumers. Some people don't like to wait, so drink instant mango powder. If you have a more picky mouth, you can choose the aromatic mango powder that is delicious in color and fragrance. Middle-aged and elderly people need nutrition, so mango powder is more suitable for them. Diabetes patients are the most taboo polysaccharide foods, so give him sugar-free or low-sugar mango powder. If you are a gourmet master, there is no need to prompt here, because you already know how to make mango powder into various delicious foods. Mango powder can help us enhance the taste of food. Just thinking about dishes such as mango chicken stew, mango rice, mango milk stewed eggs, mango milk fish soup, etc. are already mouth-watering.


2. How long is the storage time of mango powder?

Packaging affects the storage time of mango powder.

If it is canned southern pure mango powder, this kind of packaging is much better than the bag, at least their sealing effect will be much better. To some extent, in the process of preservation, it is recommended to Various choices should be made according to the actual situation. For a simple example, during the preservation process, the sealing of their cans must be guaranteed. If the sealing of the cans is not good, it will definitely affect the entire mango powder. The canning itself produces a certain amount of rust, in this case, more or less will affect the final nutritional value.


3. How to preserve mango powder?

How long can mango powder be stored? You may have questions. Generally, just follow the shelf life stated in the product description. However, you need to pay attention to the preservation method.

It is better to store at room temperature. This is because the low temperature and high humidity in the refrigerator can easily cause the powder to deliquesce and agglomerate. Drying Although the unopened powder is in a sealed state, under normal circumstances it is not easy to be damp, but it is not conducive to the preservation of the powder in a humid environment for a long time. The iron cans of canned milk powder are also easy to rust in the wet.

Be sure to keep it away from light, because light will destroy the vitamins and other nutrients in the powder. 

At the same time, remember to keep mango powder away from light and moisture. Otherwise, it will agglomerate and destroy the vitamin content in mango powder.


Regular drinking mango powder can balance the body's nutritional needs, increase the body's nutritional intake, and enhance the body's immunity. Rich in nutrition, rich in mango fragrance, pure and delicious, ready-to-drink, it belongs to plant protein beverage. It can moisturize the intestines and lax, and is suitable for patients who always sit in front of the computer and cause constipation.

After learning so much, everyone should know how to preserve mango powder.

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