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How many calories in ginger?

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Ginger, as a kind of seasoning for both medicine and food, has a pungent and fragrant flavor. Ginger powder made from ginger can be used for seasoning, pickling and soup making, which is faster and more convenient to use if you make fish balls, meatballs, vegetable tofu balls, dumplings, fried fish, fried potato cakes, soup, porridge, etc. for babies over nine months old. It is not only conducive to the baby's swallowing, but also can promote the child's appetite, help digestion, prevent and treat colds, disperse colds and relieve cough.

Ginger powder is the indispensable master in the kitchen, playing the role of perfume in food. Its aromatic components have the function of seasoning and promoting appetite. When you feel that food is not enough for people to salivate, add some ginger powder, and the food’s flavour will change.


There are many functions of ginger powder.


Reliever sickness

Ginger powder can relieve headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of motion sickness, and the efficacy can last for more than 4 hours. The weight loss effect is very good. In fact, the principle is very simple, often eating ginger powder can enhance the function of the spleen and stomach, help intestinal peristalsis, so that the stomach can better absorb the nutrients in food, so that people gradually begin to become healthy, slim and attractive.

Ginger powder 

Prevent cold

Ginger powder can dispel cold and prevent cold. Heat two spoonfuls of ginger powder in water to soak the feet of cold patients. Ginger powder can effectively prevent the further development of symptoms, prevent the cold. Even if there is no cold, ginger powder feet can also play a role in cold, help prevent a cold. If you are caught cold by the wind, put the proper ginger powder into hot water and take a comfortable bath. After washing, you will find that you have never been relaxed and your cold will get better quickly.


Reliever stomach uneasiness

Ginger powder can be absorbed through the gastric mucosa, which can directly inhibit the frequency and amplitude of gastric peristalsis and relieve the discomfort of the stomach.


Since ginger powder has so many functions, is it good for people who are on a diet?

As a matter of fact, every 100 grams of ginger contains 46 calories, a piece of ginger is about 1 gram, the calories it contains are almost negligible.

We usually use ginger only by cutting one or two slices. That is, when making ginger tea, more ginger tea will be used.

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