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How to cook with ginger powder?

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Ginger is not an undisguised condiment in the pot, it always shines in the dishes. Warm but fresh, versatile yet unique, the mysterious qualities of ginger often enliven this blend-in various sweet and savory recipes and in national cuisines around the world.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of ginger powder

1. Description of ginger powder

2. Ginger powder can help detoxify and kill bacteria

3. There are many derivatives of ginger powder


1. Description of ginger powder

Ginger powder is a lovely off-white to light brown spice spray dried from fresh ginger. This is a convenient form that can be used in baked goods, seasonings, curries and chutneys, and sprinkled on applesauce and other cooked fruits and vegetables.

Ginger is the fresh rhizome of perennial ginger. It has divergent, anti-nausea and anti-cough effects in traditional Chinese medicine ginger. Nicepal ginger powder is selected from Hainan ginger. It is made with the world's most advanced spray drying technology and processing technology, which can well maintain the nutrition and aroma of fresh ginger. It dissolves immediately and is easy to use. Our ginger powder maintains fresh nutrients and pure ginger. Our brand has quality assurance. Our ginger powder has natural color, good solubility, no preservatives, no fragrance or synthetic coloring.

ginger powder 

2. Ginger powder can help detoxify and kill bacteria

Ginger powder can be used instead of ginger in the recipe. You may be wondering that the recipe you found requires fresh ginger, but at this time only ginger powder is on hand. How much ginger can ginger powder replace?

Generally speaking, use 1/8 teaspoon ginger powder per tablespoon of fresh ginger. Of course, you won't have ginger slices in your dishes, but the aroma and taste will be well filled. You can also use whole dried ginger instead of whole fresh ginger in the recipe. (Some chefs like to add a little lemon juice to the dried ginger when cutting dried ginger and then moisten it.) If you only have crystallized ginger on hand, you can wash the sugar and cut into fines, and then use sugar instead of one for fresh Ginger.


3. There are many derivatives of ginger powder

Adding ginger juice is a great way to add fresh flavor to various meals and recipes. After brewing ginger powder into ginger juice, you can easily throw it into various seasonings, glazes and marinades to brighten dishes. It is traditionally included in Asian recipes, such as noodle bowls or stir-fried dishes, and can also be added to various recipes such as lemon chicken with root vegetables to add interest. You can also consider baking a batch of fresh gingerbread shops with ginger powder for dessert.

The richness of the soup basically comes from the Asian version of Italian pancakes, which are Italian "appetizer sauces", soups and sauces with such rich flavors. The Italian version is a mixture of celery, onion, garlic, green pepper and tomato sauce, but this version uses monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger and garlic sautéed in roasted sesame oil until browned. In addition to MSG, you may only add a little soy sauce to deepen the flavor. You can add ginger and ginger powder juice to season the stew. You can also search online for more recipes about ginger powder.


For many people, the taste of dried ginger reminds them of warm ginger bread or cookies, and I am no exception. But we can't make ginger bread every day. We will make these snacks once in a while, but to consume dry ginger every day, we can use ginger powder. To make the tea absorb less than about 1/4 teaspoon of dried ginger powder in the bowl, add boiling water to it. If you want, you can add honey and sugar. Make a cup of hot ginger tea to warm yourself up now!

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