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​How to cook with pumpkin powder?

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Need something to perfect the spiciness of a dish? How to balance the taste of sweets? Or, an ingredient that adds a perfect sourness to curry? You don't need to collect many different ingredients for these tasks, just try pumpkin powder! If you have never heard of pumpkin powder, now is the perfect opportunity to get to know him. Pumpkin powder can be the perfect finishing pen for various dishes. As a condiment, pumpkin powder will add a touch of color to your kitchen.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of pumpkin powder: 

1. Desserts made by pumpkin powder

2. Unique flavor of pumpkin powder

3. Common desserts made by pumpkin powder


1. Desserts made by pumpkin powder

You can try pumpkin powder in different dessert recipes. The following introduces a method of making pumpkin powder dessert.

Heat the milk to a state where there are small bubbles around it, turn off the heat and let it cool for later use.

Then break the eggs and stir, slowly add honey and stir. (If you use ordinary white sugar, you can put it in and then break the eggs and stir evenly to melt)

Add 5 drops of lemon juice to the milk and stir, pour the cold milk into the egg liquid, stir to fully fuse, and form an egg milk liquid. Sift in 5 grams of freeze-dried pumpkin powder and mix slowly. After the custard is sieved, a smoother liquid is obtained and poured into a pudding bottle. Oven water bath method 150 degrees, bake for 30 minutes, after cooling, put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours before eating.

Basically, almost all desserts can add pumpkin powder to the recipe to create a pumpkin flavor. You can try more and cook a variety of delicious pumpkin powder desserts.

Pumpkin powder 

2. Unique flavor of pumpkin powder

Pumpkin powder can add a lovely, fruity flavor that blends naturally with potatoes, eggplant or chickpeas. You can also stir-fry or stew cauliflower, mung beans and other vegetables. Usually, pumpkin powder will appear in dishes where you want to add sourness instead of liquid (for example, you will get it from lemon juice or tamarind water). Therefore, it is used to fill some coatings of stuffed bread and fried fish. Pumpkin powder is also very popular in India. For example, the flavor of Indian beer, including the cumin sold on the streets of India, the support of tamarind and mint, the rich/salty beer, you can see pumpkin powder.


3. Common desserts made by pumpkin powder 

Pumpkin powder can also be made into many sweets. The following is a dessert recipe.

After preparing the props and materials in the kitchen, sift the pumpkin powder, glutinous rice flour, noodles, custard powder and white sugar, and put them on the chopping board to form a powder nest. Add a little water and boil in a pressure cooker for 2 to 3 minutes until rotten, pour it into the noodle nest, mash it with a wooden stick and knead it until smooth. Finally, the embryos are opened, and the pumpkin pie embryos are printed with a pumpkin pie mold. The pumpkin pie embryos are placed on the bottom of the steamer that has been coated with raw oil, and steamed for 6 to 8 minutes until cooked. Take out and serve.


If you are interested in cooking pumpkin powder, you can go online or read books and recipes, so that you can view a lot of materials, and use your hands-on ability to make some delicious and delicious things for yourself to enjoy.

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