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How to make coconut cream from powder?

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Have you seen coconut milk powder in your local health food store? This coconut product may be one of the best things to keep in the storage room! Many people are now aware of how perfect coconut milk powder is as a dairy-free substitute in many recipes. Moreover, we know that many cafes now use it in their recipes, and more people use coconut powder to make various delicacies at home. Do you know how to make coconut cream from powder?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of making coconut cream by coconut powder:

1.What is coconut powder?

2.How to use coconut milk powder?

3.Coconut powder recipes


1.What is coconut powder?

Coconut powder is hygienically prepared from fresh coconuts. Use a quick and easy cooking method: add warm water to it and you can get rich coconut milk. This coconut cream powder is an excellent substitute for milk in coffee.

coconut powder 

2.How to use coconut milk powder?

Coconut milk powder only needs to add hot water to produce coconut milk. very convenient! However, in addition to milk, you can also use it to make coconut cream as needed (very useful for some recipes). Its powdery nature also makes it an excellent addition to hot chocolate and golden milk latte mixed drinks!

Any recipe that uses coconut milk, coconut milk powder will do. It is particularly useful when making curry, because this powder has an enhanced ability to combine with spices. If you are a milkshake lover like me, try adding a tablespoon of a spoon to your next milkshake. The rich flavor will add a delicious tropical flavor to your smoothie. You can use it to make smoothies.

You may wonder what ratio of water to powder would you use to make coconut cream, as opposed to coconut milk, for a recipe that calls for coconut cream? Usually, 1 cup liquid to 3 Tablespoons of powder. Add more if you want it creamier!

Warning: Some coconut milk powder contains casein (a milk derivative). This particular brand is vegetarian. Happy baking!

It's very simple. You only need to mix coconut milk powder with hot water and stir well. The more water added, the more "milk" the consistency. Using less water, you will get a thick cream.

So, whether you use it directly from the box or make it into milk or cream, which recipe can you use for coconut milk powder?


3.Coconut powder recipes

If you use coconut milk or cream in your recipe, you can use our vegan dairy-free coconut milk powder. This makes it particularly suitable for curries, seasonings and soups.

We especially like the Thai green vegetarian curry made with baby corn, sugar, broccoli and asparagus. Even better, eat it with some coconut jasmine rice. Rinse the rice before you start. Then boil 1 cup of rice in 1.5 cups of water made from 2 teaspoons of coconut powder. Cover the pot and cook on low heat without stirring.

If you are a baker, even if you do not drink milk, coconut milk powder will bring you back to the kitchen. You can easily try everything from lime and coconut cakes to basic breads and pancakes.

Do you want to save pancakes for the weekend? Tired of non-irritating dairy-free porridge options? Now it's time to try our coconut powder, mango powder and various fruit powders.

Even if you are not the most confident chef, you can use coconut milk powder to give milkshakes and beverages (such as hot chocolate or turmeric latte) a creamy texture and flavor. Why not try the coconut milkshake with strawberries and coconut nectar? We even saw our vegan dairy-free coconut milk powder used in some delicious cheeky coconut ice. Try it a lot! There is no single answer to baking.

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