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How to make coconut milk out of coconut powder?

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Coconut milk products are prepared using a large amount of coconut meat powder, and then emptied (excluding most filterable fibers and residues), with or without coconut water and/or water, properly heat-treated and sealed in a container to Prevent deterioration.

Coconut milk has a good effect of cooling and relieving heat, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. Coconut milk also has the effects of strengthening the heart, diuresis, deworming, anti-vomiting and anti-diarrhea. Coconut milk is rich in nutrients and is a good product for health and beauty.

Do you want to drink coconut milk? Do you know how to make coconut milk out of coconut powder? Let us take a look.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to make coconut milk out of coconut powder:

Using guidance

How to make coconut milk out of coconut powder?

Precautions for purchase

Using guidance

Coconut flour is rich in nutrients, rich in coconut aroma, pure and delicious, and ready to drink. Drink hot drink on cold days; cold drink on hot days; refreshing and pleasant. Do not add too much water when brewing, so as not to be too light and affect the taste.

It can moisturize the intestines and lax, and is suitable for patients who always sit in front of the computer and cause constipation.

In addition to brewing, coconut powder can also be used as a flavoring agent for coffee mate, milk tea, and oatmeal. Coconut juice is added to coffee, beer, wine, ice water, and pineapple juice for a unique flavor.

Coconut flour can also be used to cook food. Hainan has the tradition of cooking rice with coconut, stewed chicken, steamed eggs or making coconut fish head soup. Not only is the coconut fragrant, but it also has a certain tonic effect. Use coconut flour instead of coconut for cooking. Convenient, fast, clean and practical.

In addition, it can remove tea stains from cups and teapots, which is quite easy to use.

 coconut powder

How to make coconut milk out of coconut powder?

Directly brewed into drink: Take about 20g of coconut powder, add about 150ml of hot water, mix evenly and drink. Or based on the concentration of individual flavors, instant drink, hot drink in cold weather, cold drink in hot weather, fresh and pleasant. If you like to eat chocolate or milk, add chocolate or milk during the brewing process to become a fragrant healthy drink.


Precautions for purchase

The role of coconut powder is reflected in the production and production of pure natural raw materials. Inferior instant foods are often added with artificial synthetic pigments, which is not good for human health. Choosing an authentic brand to buy is the prerequisite for healthy drinking coconut flour. Our coconut powder is milky white and has a smooth powder quality. Our coconut flour has a natural coconut fragrance and no peculiar smell. It is the top grade in coconut flour.


Coconut is a symbol of Hainan, and coconut milk enjoys a high reputation among plant milks. Our coconut powder is selected from Hainan fresh coconuts, which are made with the world's most advanced spray drying technology and processing technology to maintain its nutrition and fresh coconut aroma. It dissolves immediately and is easy to use.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about coconut milk powder or coconut powder. If you need coconut flour or coconut milk powder or any other fruit powder products, do not hesitate to contact us. Our products will be your best choice.

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