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How to make coconut powder?

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Nicepal coconut powder is selected from Hainan fresh coconut, which is made from fresh coconut meat and processed by spray-drying technology. This process can maintain its fresh nutrients and pure coconut flavor. The entire production process guarantees no preservatives, no essence or synthetic pigment. Coconut powder is widely used in: beverage, sauces, healthcare food, ice cream, snack food, baking and other fields. Let's take a look at the entire process flow.

Receipt of raw materials



Extract juice



Spray drying


1.Receipt of raw materials

As we all know, Hainan is one of the origins of coconuts. Because of its unique climate, coconuts have been planted since the Han Dynasty and have a history of more than 2000 years. Hainan coconut is mellow and nutritious.

2. Test

There should be no problem due to the high quality of raw materials. But in order to achieve 100% good coconut meat in the raw materials, the first test must be carried out. If it is a problematic coconut, it can not be passed and will be refused. High quality coconuts will be selected.

coconut powder

3. Clean

We have special cleaning equipment. All the fresh coconut meat will be cleaned before extracting juice.

4. Extract juice

After cleaned, the coconut meat will be put into an equipment to extract juice.

5. Cook

The juice will be put into a cooking pot to cook. Maltodextrin and sodium caseinate will be added into the pot.

6. Homogenization

Homogenization is a treatment process to make the dispersion in the suspension (or emulsion) system micronized and homogenized. This treatment simultaneously reduces the size of the dispersion and improves the uniformity of the dispersion.

7. Spray drying

The liquid will be put into a spray tower and they will be powder when come out because of the high temperature in the tower.

8. Packaging

The powder will be packed into PE bags (15kg/bag/carton).

We believe you now have a certain understanding of the production process of coconut powder. Our coconut powder has undergone 8 major steps in order to provide you with the best quality products. If you have the demand for coconut powder, please contact us as soon as possible.

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