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How to make ginger beer with ginger powder?

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There are many instructions for making a non-alcoholic version of ginger beer, but for those who want to taste this drink in pure form, try the following instructions. Ginger beer has been one of the most popular beverages in the United States, Canada and Europe-until the age of Prohibition. It is fun to try different styles of beer/pale.

This passage is going to talk about the followings:



3.Last step


I believe you can add almost any spice that you want to adjust the taste. I am most interested in adding mace or other pepper spice to bring out more flavor, but for simplicity, you try to use these materials:

Water-Make sure to use high-quality water, and make sure that there is no chlorine in it (leave it in the atmosphere for about 24 hours or boil it)

Ginger powder---I think you can use real ginger root, but it is difficult to use. If you buy ginger from the right place, it is not very expensive.

Lemon juice---From experience, real lemons taste better. But how much juice the real lemon juice and bottled lemon have will affect the final flavor-if you really want a lot of lemon flavor, then please use some lemon zest, the real "lemon" flavor is in the skin oils.

Sugar --- can be seen everywhere.

Yeast --- Yeast for making bread.

Others require a teaspoon, a wide-mouth bottle, a small piece of cloth, and quite a lot of about 12 ~ 20ounce soda bottles. After opening the bottle, you must drink it all within about 24 hours, otherwise it will start to become interesting.

 ginger powder


The basic process of making ginger beer is to cultivate yeast, called plants. Then, the plant juice is squeezed into sugary water, bottled and fermented. So... to make plants: you need a jar (it needs to be able to hold at least 600 ml~20 oz), ginger powder, some sugar and water and lemon juice, and yeast.


600ml water-cold or room temperature-if hot, you will cook and kill the yeast.

1 teaspoon yeast

2 teaspoons ginger powder

4 teaspoons sugar-provide food for yeast and add

1/4 cup of lemon juice (2 lemon juice)-provides an acidic environment and helps prevent other bacteria from ingesting.

10 Raisins-Not sure what they do, they may provide a source of wild yeast, or they may provide a wider range of sugars to start yeast. Either way, they are interesting because if they start to float in a day or two, you will know that the yeast is at work.

Stir all this in the jar, cover the jar with some fabric or paper towel, and then place the jar in a warm area of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit (if the temperature is below 65 degrees Celsius, the yeast will almost stop growing, if it exceeds At 100, they will slow down and heat up a bit more, and they will start to die). In winter, it may be a warm place near the refrigerator.

Every day of the next week, feed your "plants" with 2 teaspoons of ginger powder and 4 teaspoons of sugar every day-stir and recover, and you can use the plants in about a week.


3.Last step

Now that your plants have had enough time for the yeast to grow and the ginger flavor to diffuse into the water, it is time to dilute it and put it in a bottle.

This set of food depends entirely on your personal taste and the growth time of the plant-the longer you feed it, the more ginger flavor... The good news is that if you get it wrong, you can fix it later.

This process involves taking about 1-2 gallons of "clean" water (boiling water) until the sugar is sweetened, like juice, perhaps sweeter.

Now use a paper towel to filter the plant liquid from the rest, and then add the plant liquid to the sweet water.

Fill the mixture into a 20-ounce bottle and fill the bottle-only 2/3 full, because a lot of carbon dioxide will be produced. If the bottle is too full (air compression is more compressed than fluid), the bottle will explode.

Put all the bottles in the opaque rubber maid’s bathtub and put them in a warm place. Check it every day, squeeze each bottle, and if you can’t compress, break the lid and release the pressure-the soda bottle will withstand about 100 psi pressure before it explodes, but if it explodes, you need to clean the sticky ginger juice from the wall. forever and always. Or, you can get a fancy tavern with water locks and add carbon to your beer later.

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