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How to make ginger drink using ginger powder?

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Ginger powder is very suitable for making all kinds of drinks, and there are different preparation methods for people of different ages. It is especially suitable for children and girls. It can enhance immunity and detoxify. Let's take a look now.

Ginger powder drink

For children

For girls

1. Ginger powder drink

In winter, drinking a cup of warm ginger tea with delicious gingerbread is really wonderful. It can be seen that ginger powder is really versatile. In addition to cooking, it can also be used as dessert and baking. It is also very suitable for making a variety of drinks. There are so many drinks that can be made, and everyone may have their own recipe. The easiest way is to drink directly with water. You can also add a lot of tea to it. I believe that everyone makes more of it, so the tea will have a lot of flavors. In particular, some people choose to put it in some milk. When the silky milk is mixed with some spicy taste, the whole perception of milk will change. The taste has become more diverse, which is a very special feeling. The rest, let me introduce two very practical methods.

Ginger powder

2. For children

For most children, maybe they don't like particularly choking and spicy smelling. But there are special ways to solve this problem, thanks to the rich natural sweetness, such as honey, sweeteners and so on. Can cover the spicy flavor of ginger. The specific production method is also very simple. Just prepare hot water, ginger powder and honey. Use 200-250ml hot water to brew about 4g of ginger powder, and wait a few minutes for it to fully dissolve. You can put the honey in and mix well. It can be eaten hot or refrigerated. If it is summer, put some fresh lemongrass, or mint leaves or some lemon juice, such a beautiful and delicious drink, children will not refuse.

3. For girls

In China, there is brown sugar ginger tea that is very practical for girls and can be made with ginger powder. Brown sugar ginger tea, prepare raw brown sugar, red dates and ginger powder. Then add the pitted red dates, brown sugar, and powder, and then pour an appropriate amount of water. Simmer on low heat for about half an hour. Of course, it can be adjusted according to your actual situation. The taste is the sweetness of brown sugar and the spicyness of ginger powder. The main effect is to prevent wind-cold cold, prevent flu, treat dysmenorrhea, and remove stomach cold. Even if there is nothing, it is advisable to drink and keep in good health.

Of course it does not mean that other people cannot drink it. On the contrary, in daily life, ginger powder drinks are very good for most people. So you can always keep a can of ginger powder at home and make a drink when you are fine.

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