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How to make ginger powder curry?

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Curry is a compound seasoning made of turmeric as the main ingredient, plus a variety of spices (such as coriander seeds, cinnamon, chili, white pepper, cumin, star anise, cumin, etc.). Its taste is spicy and sweet, with a special aroma. It is mainly used for cooking beef and mutton, chicken, duck, crab, potatoes, cauliflower, soup, etc. It is a commonly used seasoning in Chinese and Western food. In many countries in Southeast Asia, curry is an essential and important seasoning.

Do you know how to make ginger powder curry and do you know some special dishes making from ginger powder? Let us take a look.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to make ginger powder curry:

What is difference between ginger and turmeric?

Dishes making by ginger powder or turmeric

Can ginger powder be eaten with curry powder?


What is difference between ginger and turmeric?

Turmeric and ginger have some differences. Their origins are different. Turmeric is produced in Guangdong, Taiwan, Yunnan and Fujian, while ginger is produced in tropical regions of Southeast Asia. There is a big difference in terms of appearance. Turmeric will be yellower in appearance, it is elongated, while ginger is lighter in color and its shape is not regular.

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Dishes making by ginger powder or turmeric

Turmeric appears most often in curry. Is that the only way to eat turmeric? Of course not! Turmeric is a kind of food spice. Basically, some Southeast Asian dishes can use it. The key is which method you like or not. If you don't like it, you might as well learn from some of the eating methods of foreign friends, maybe you will think of some innovative methods!

1. Fried rice: Put some of your favorite ingredients into the pot and fry them, and finally add rice, ginger powder, salt, etc. for seasoning. A bowl of delicious turmeric fried rice is ready, and the taste is very fragrant~

2. Curry seasonal vegetables: Stir-fry seasonal vegetables such as tofu and mushrooms with oil, add water, curry, coconut milk, salt, etc., simmer and cook, sprinkle with coriander to taste; you can also cook according to your own taste.

3. Hummus: cooked chickpeas, add ginger powder (curry powder), salt, olive oil, etc., into a cooking machine to puree, and use to dip crispy biscuits to eat.

4. Milkshake: healthy fruits + healthy spices, generally this way of eating is more common in Southeast Asia.

5. Western-style soup: Cut the pumpkin into cubes and cook it into puree, add yogurt, olive oil, ginger powder, etc. to make a thick soup.


Can ginger powder be eaten with curry powder?

Curry powder is different from ginger powder. Ginger powder is a powder made from dried rhizomes of Curcuma longa L., a ginger plant of the ginger family in India. It is used as a seasoning and yellow coloring agent. It is a common seasoning used in households. Curry powder, seasonings, etc. Turmeric is a perennial herb with fragrance. It has medicinal value and can be used as a food seasoning. Spicy and light, with a hint of pepper, musky and a mixture of sweet orange and ginger, slightly spicy and bitter. Turmeric is irregularly oval, cylindrical or hammer-shaped, often curved, and some have short forked branches, 2~5cm in length, 1~3cm in diameter, dark yellow and rough surface, with shrinkage texture and obvious links , And there are round branch marks and root marks. The texture is firm, not easy to break, the section is brown to golden yellow, keratinous, waxy luster. The inner cortex has obvious ring patterns, and the vascular bundles are scattered in dots. Special smell, bitter and pungent taste. Curry powder is made by adding other spices on the basis of ginger powder. The proportion of turmeric is about 30%. Although curry powder contains the characteristics of ginger powder, it cannot be fully displayed when mixed with other spices. And there will be other characteristics, if it is very demanding, the two cannot be replaced.


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