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How to make ginger powder tea?

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When it comes to ginger tea, the conventional practice of ginger tea is to soak a few slices of fresh ginger in water, boil them over a large fire, and then heat them slowly over a small fire, so that the taste of ginger penetrates into the water. Finally, after a simple filtration, a cup of delicious ginger tea is ready. But you know, if you use ginger powder, you will enjoy delicious food faster.

Ginger tea

Benefits of ginger tea

Supplementary explanation

1. Ginger tea

A quick way to get a cup of hot ginger tea is to put a teaspoon of ginger powder into about 350 ml of hot water, and then it will be ready. Of course, if you want to drink more hot ginger tea, you can increase the amount of ginger powder. Besides the simplest hot ginger tea, I recommend two delicious ginger teas, namely turmeric ginger tea and honey lemon ginger tea.

For turmeric powder tea, boil a proper amount of water in a small saucepan, and pour in the same amount of ginger powder and turmeric powder. If you want to enhance the effect, you can put more or use half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to enhance the taste. Finally, turn down the heat and let the tea brew for at least 10 minutes. If you want a stronger ginger tea, let it brew for 15 minutes. Finally, the tea is filtered into a cup.

For honey lemon ginger tea, first prepare enough boiling water, and scoop a little ginger, lemon, Chili powder and turmeric powder into a mug. Pour boiling water and let all ingredients soak for 5 minutes. Finally, add honey to increase sweetness. In this process, keep stirring until all ingredients are completely dissolved in water.

ginger powder

2. Benefits of ginger tea

I believe that when you talk about the benefits of ginger, you can think of its basic benefits, such as sore throat and relieving cold. In fact, drinking ginger tea in proper amount has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, which is helpful for digestion, improving blood circulation, relieving muscle pain, and even has anti-cancer properties. Surprisingly, this is not even all the benefits.

3. Supplementary explanation

Ginger tea is mixed with several spices, including cardamom, mint, cinnamon, turmeric and honey, which makes it more delicious.

Add a slice of dehydrated mango or apple to get more natural taste and sweetness.

You can also add ordinary tea bags to make your ginger tea more delicious. Green tea and morning tea are recommended, which can be taken out in 1-2 minutes.

Ginger tea is best drunk in one day. If you can't finish it, it is recommended to seal it and put it in the refrigerator for use next time.

In short, ginger tea has many health benefits to human body. Using ginger powder, through a very simple production method, you can get all kinds of delicious and healthy ginger powder tea. Then why hesitate? Now you can bring delicious food to you and your family by the above methods.

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