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How to make mango powder?

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Do you know how to make mango powder and do you know the nutrition of mango? Now it is time for us to learn about mango powder.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to make mango powder: 

1. Description of mango powder

2. Methods/Steps

3. Nutrition of mango powder


Description of mango powder

There are various ways of eating and processing mango powder, and the processing technology has a long history. These methods are also innovating step by step.

mango powder 


Introduced the steps of adding mango powder. According to these steps, select fresh and wonderful mango as raw material, step by step, you will be able to make a good mango powder.

How is mango powder made? How is it operated in industry?

The simple process of mango powder can be included as follows:

Raw material receiving → inspection → picking → cleaning →removing the peel → pulping → cooking → homogenization → spray drying → packaging → storage

Spray dried mango powder is made purely from selected, matured mangoes. After harvesting, the peel is removed and then the soft kernel is washed, disintegrated and pressed. The extracted mango powder is well filtered to ensure absolute purity and free from any foreign matter. High-quality carriers (edible starch based Maltodextrin and milk based Sodium Caseinate) combined with careful Pasteurization, Homogenization and followed by a well-controlled Spray-Drying process ensure a consistent high-quality product with a long shelf-life of 18 months. Our production and management are strictly managed in accordance with the food quality and safety management system standards. With an independent R&D team, using advanced production technology combined with standardized production equipment, nicepal's products are naturally rich in flavor. The development of our fruit powder products opened a new page in the field of food ingredients.


Nutrition of mango powder 

Mango has various benefits and effects in skin beautification, health, and sterilization. It is simply a rare delicacy. Brewing mango powder into mango juice can be more convenient and quick to use these benefits.

1. Eating mango has the effect of clearing the intestines and stomach, and has a certain antiemetic effect on motion sickness and seasickness.

2. Anti-cancer. According to the viewpoint of modern diet therapy, mango contains a lot of vitamin A, so it has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

3. Beautify the skin. Because mangoes contain a lot of vitamins, eating mangoes regularly can moisturize the skin.

4. Prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Mango contains nutrients, vitamin C, minerals, etc. In addition to its anti-cancer effect, it also has a therapeutic effect in preventing arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

5. Prevent and treat constipation. The earth mango contains a lot of fiber, which can promote defecation and has certain benefits for preventing and treating constipation.

6. Sterilization. Mango leaf extract can inhibit the pyogenic bacteria, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. At the same time, it also has the effect of inhibiting influenza virus.


Mango is known as the king of fruits, rich in nutrients, rich and unique flavor. Our mango powder is selected from fresh mangoes in Hainan, and is made with the world's most advanced spray drying technology and processing technology, which well maintains the nutrition and aroma of fresh mangoes. It dissolves immediately and is easy to use.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about mango powder. If you need mango powder or any other fruit powder products like coconut powder, do not hesitate to contact us. Our products will be your best choice. 

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