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How to make pumpkin powder?

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Pumpkin powder is the best way to preserve this humble but delicious vegetable. It has no weight, takes up very little space and can be added to many recipes. Cream soups, spicy curries, pies and hot drinks - we've found many ways to use pumpkin powder. Since it is so convenient and nutritious, how can we make pumpkin powder? What do you need to prepare for making pumpkin powder?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to make pumpkin powder: 

Steps of making pumpkin powder

Pumpkin powder DIY making skills

Nutrition and advantages of pumpkin powder


Steps of making pumpkin powder

How to make pumpkin flour in industry? The simple process of pumpkin powder can be classified as follows:

Raw material receiving → inspection → picking → cleaning →removing the peel → pulping → cooking → homogenization → spray drying → packaging → storage

Spray dried pumpkin powder is made purely from selected, matured pumpkins. After harvesting, the hard shell is removed and then the soft kernel is washed, disintegrated and pressed. The extracted pumpkin powder is well filtered to ensure absolute purity and free from any foreign matter. High-quality carriers (edible starch-based Maltodextrin and milk-based Sodium Caseinate) combined with careful Pasteurization, Homogenization and followed by a well-controlled Spray-Drying process ensure a consistent high-quality product with a long shelf-life of 18 months. Our production and management are strictly managed in accordance with the food quality and safety management system standards. With an independent R&D team, using advanced production technology combined with standardized production equipment, nicepal's products are naturally rich in flavor. The development of our fruit powder products opened a new page in the field of food ingredients.

Pumpkin powder 

Pumpkin powder making skills

It turns out that making is the easiest thing to do. If you don't have a few jars of homemade pumpkin, you can do it yourself if you don't have a few. What special thing needs to pay attention to? How to make pumpkin powder?

Spread a layer of pumpkin puree evenly on the fruit roll insert (or parchment) on the tray of the dehydrator.

Using food processor, blender or coffee grinder, grind the pumpkin into powder. Because it's thin and brittle, it won't last long! Although if you want to make a lot of pumpkin powder and use small things like coffee grinders, you may need to grind them in batches. Finally, the pumpkin puree was dried in a pumpkin powder dehydrator. Depending on the grinding method you use, you may find that some small hard debris will wear through with the powder. If you use pumpkin powder as cooking puree, they will be reconstituted.

You can sift out the hard debris as needed, and then grind again until fine. Or, you can sift them and let your child nibble at them - dried pumpkins are absolutely delicious!


Nutrition and advantages of pumpkin powder

Pumpkin powder has many functions. It's good for the human body.

Pumpkin powder contains a lot of SOJ factors, which can prolong life, nourish and beautify, and make skin plump, especially for women. The pectin in pumpkin powder can delay the intestinal absorption of sugar and lipids, neutralize and remove heavy metals and some pesticides in the body, and can help patients with weakened liver and kidney functions to enhance the regeneration of liver and kidney cells. Pumpkin is rich in cobalt, which plays an important role in protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism, hemoglobin synthesis, and can dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.


We also have various vegetable powder and fruit powder such as ginger powder and coconut powder. Today, powders have become a huge and beneficial way of storing fruits and vegetables. No matter what you want to try, you can check the information on our website! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and try it yourself. Let us know how your pumpkin powder making is going, and if you have any questions, please contact me. We are glad to help! 

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