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How to use balsam pear powder?

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Balsam pear powder is made from fresh balsam pear by spray drying technology. It is rich in protein, fat, sugar, fiber, carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C, bitter melon glycosides, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Therefore, balsam pear powder is very popular. So, how to use balsam pear powder?

Balsam pear powder

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Slimming and Detoxifying Drink

Balsam Pear Whitening and Moisturizing Mask

Balsam pear powder with aloe vera powder

Balsam pear powder, konjac gum powder, and cocoa powder

Slimming and Detoxifying Drink

Ingredients: 2 tbsp balsam pear powder, 1 tbsp yam powder.

Directions: Put balsam pear powder and yam powder into a cup, brew with hot water, add honey (or sugar), and stir to drink.Balsam pear and yam are both effective for weight loss and lowering blood sugar. Taking them together can enhance weight loss and detoxification, and regular consumption of balsam pear powder can also treat skin problems such as acne and is effective for constipation. For this reason, people often use balsam pear powder as an important food for regulating their health conditions.`

Bitter Melon Whitening and Moisturizing Mask

Ingredients: 2 tbsp bitter powder, 1 tbsp barley powder, an appropriate amount of pearl powder.

Directions: Put balsam pear powder, barley powder, and pearl powder into a masking bowl, add an appropriate amount of milk (or cold drinking water) and stir into a paste, apply to the face and wash off with warm water after 15-20 minutes. Apply 2 to 3 times a week. The balsam pear powder can also be used as a mask on its own.

Balsam pear powder with aloe vera powder

Ingredients: 10g each of aloe vera powder and balsam pear powder.

Directions: Mix aloe vera powder and balsam pear powder, and soak in 250ml of warm boiling water.

Directions: Take 3 times a day, half an hour before meals. You can also add yogurt or juice according to your taste.

Effect: Aloe vera powder detoxifies the body and balsam pear powder cleanses the body of fat, doubling the effect of the two, detoxifying and reducing blood fat and blood sugar.

Balsam pear powder, konjac gum powder, and cocoa powder

Ingredients: 5g of balsam pear powder, 5g of konjac gum powder, and 5g of cocoa powder.

Directions: Use 200ml warm boiled water, mix directly, and take once a day, half an hour after lunch and dinner. The effect is obvious after one month. Especially for white-collar gentlemen and ladies who sit in the office for a long time. With the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and legs and little exercise, the success rate of balsam pear powder for weight loss is as high as 99%.

Balsam pear powder is widely used in natural health and nutritional products (as food for diabetics, slimming and weight-loss food, and health food for consumers), functional food, as a special additive in high-grade cosmetics, and as a raw material for pharmaceuticals. Nicepal balsam pear powder is easy to use and maintains the nutrients and flavor of fresh balsam pear. If you want to buy balsam pear powder, you can contact our company:

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