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How to use coconut powder in a recipe?

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Some freshly baked cakes will exude a burst of coconut fragrance. At this time you might be wondering what makes it so. This is actually the function of coconut powder. From this small example, we can see that coconut powder has a wide range of uses in food and beverage. So what are its specifics? Let us find out.

The consumption of coconut powder

Precautions for drinking coconut powder

1. The consumption of coconut powder

Coconut powder is mainly used to make a variety of bread and desserts. It is a lifesaver for those who are committed to solving digestive problems. They can try to make bread, tortillas, brownies, doughnuts and many other desserts. Take coconut powder brownie as an example. Prepare coconut powder, baking soda, coconut oil, chocolate chips, pure maple syrup, vanilla extract, and eggs. Mix it up and bake it in the oven, and it becomes a very delicious brownie. I won’t expand on this specific recipe here. After all, there are so many recipes that coconut powder can make. In addition to making many desserts, it can also make some dishes to increase the diversity of its flavors. For example, it is used in cream curry, or in various soups that will bring a natural feeling.

There is also a variety of drinks. The most common and practical usage is brewing. Usually take about 10 grams of coconut powder, add about 100 ml of water, stir well, and then drink. Of course, you can also adjust the density according to your personal preferences. Warm reminder, it is better not to add too much water, otherwise, if the taste is too weak, the taste will be bad. It can also be used with other beverage. When drinking coffee, oatmeal and milk tea, add some coconut powder to it, which will enrich its flavor and increase its layering. Especially if you like chocolate, you can add an appropriate amount of chocolate during brewing to give it a unique flavor

coconut powder

2. Precautions for drinking coconut powder

Coconut powder is widely used in various food and beverage, but many people may not know that there are some caveats behind this simple usage. To maximize its nutritional value, let's take a look.

When brewing coconut powder, do not add too much water. Because this may dilute the original aroma and sweetness of some coconut powder.

Because coconut powder is very absorbent, it is often enough to use a little coconut powder, so you need to pay attention to the amount of control.

Coconut powder can enrich the taste of food, contains a lot of nutrients, and has many advantages such as convenient use and easy storage. It is loved by the majority of people. If you haven't tried coconut powder, you must try it quickly, it will definitely bring you a completely different experience.

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