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The production process, packaging, and eating method of banana powder

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The banana powder was found to be "the main source of carbohydrates and calories". Although it is usually low in protein, the beneficial ingredients of the powder are still "significantly better than other fruits." It has also been found that banana powder can be used as a general treatment for dyspepsia. So, do you know the production process, packaging, and eating method of banana powder? Next, let's take a glance at it well. Here are some answers.

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The production process of banana powder.

Banana powder packaging and eating method.

The production process of banana powder.

The first step is raw material processing. Fully ripe bananas are needed. Only bananas that have reached the edible maturity level have complete color, flavor, and browning. Once peeling the peel, it should be treated with color protection. Bananas can be sliced immediately and dipped in the antioxidant and bleach solution, or immersed in the above solution for 10 to 15 minutes without being sliced. The bleaching agent is 0.2% sodium bisulfite, or it can be treated with sulfur. Burning pure sulfur within a cubic meter volume for 15 minutes, the sulfur needs about 10 to 15 grams, and its sulfur dioxide concentration is about 1%, which can achieve the purpose of color protection. Then it is dried at 60°C. The drying time is incredibly long at this temperature, and therefore the loss of aromatic substances is simply too nice. The dry Conditional factories use low-temperature vacuum lyophilization instrumentation, place banana slices on a shallow receptacle, place them into the chilling chamber, freeze at -28°C for one hour, and so place them in a very low-temperature vacuum appliance at five to zero.1-millimeter mercury underneath the column vacuum, the drying temperature is 10-40℃, the banana wet are going to be sublimed to attain the drying purpose in a very short time, and therefore the product wet content is going to be below third-dimensional. Finally, place it in an environment with a dehumidification device and grind it into powder, then sieve and finely grind it to obtain a purple or light yellow banana powder product.

Banana powder packaging and eating method.

Banana powder products require vacuum or nitrogen-filled airtight packaging due to low water content and easy moisture absorption. Low temperature and low humidity conditions are required for storage or circulation. When eating, the banana powder is directly added to sterilized water to make a beverage, or it is added to other foods as a health food ingredient. The banana powder can also be used as congee seasoning, flushing juice, fruit mask, making cakes and pieces of bread, moon cake fillings, children's nutritional supplements, sick food, ice cream, jelly pudding, health care products, etc.

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