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What are the effects of balsam pear powder?

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Balsam pear powder refers to the powder that is ground after drying the bitter gourd. It has a variety of effects and is deeply loved by people. Nanhai bitter gourd raw powder is made from fresh bitter gourd squeezed pulp, processed by the world's advanced spray drying technology, dissolved in time, easy to use, and has the following multiple effects:

Balsam pear powder

Here is the content list:

Health care function

Slimming function

Medicinal function

Health care function

The balsam pear powder is cold and bitter. It has the effects of clearing heat and removing heat, improving eyesight and detoxification, nourishing and blood. It has therapeutic effects on fever, polydipsia, heatstroke, dysentery, red eyes, carbuncle erysipelas, malignant sores, etc.

In addition, the effective ingredient "plant insulin" contained in bitter gourd, namely Momordica charantia, can safely and steadily lower blood sugar. It is important to improve pancreatic islet function and repair B cells, which can significantly improve complications. It also can regulate blood lipids and reduce blood lipids. The effect of blood pressure can also enhance the activity of insulin cells, enhance the ability to self-regulating blood sugar, accelerate blood sugar oxidation, and conform to the natural law of human metabolism.

Another function of balsam pear powder is to clear heat and relieve troubles, relieve fire, improve eyesight, invigorate qi and invigorate yang. Eating bitter gourd at ordinary times can clear toxins and reduce fire, and bitter gourd has the reputation of "plant insulin", which can prevent and improve the complications of diabetes. It has the function of regulating blood lipids and improving immunity.

Slimming function

A bitter gourd contains 0.4% of the weight-loss special ingredient, which is as expensive as gold, a high-energy fat-clearing element. This special ingredient known as the "fat killer" can reduce the intake of fat and polysaccharides by about 40%-60%.

Pharmacological studies have confirmed that high-energy clear lipids do not enter the human blood but only act on the small intestine, which is an important part of the body to absorb fat. By changing the mesh of intestinal cells, it prevents the absorption of high-calorie macromolecules such as fat and polysaccharides, thereby accelerating the body small intestines. The absorption of molecular nutrients does not participate in human metabolism, so balsam pear powder does not have any toxic side effects.

Medicinal function

The "polypeptide-P" contained in balsam pear powder is as effective as insulin for diabetes and can be replaced as a treatment for diabetes. The bitter melon protein contained in balsam pear powder can improve the body's immune function and promote immune cells to destroy cancer cells. This protein-lipid substance may become a new medicine for the treatment of cancer. The active ingredients are mainly protein and saponins. Momordica charantia has the effect of the anti-AIDS virus, and the antiviral protein MAP30 is expected to be developed into a new type of medicine for the treatment of AIDS.

The balsam pear powder has many benefits and NicePal balsam pear powder is popular with people all over the world. We offer the best quality balsam pear powder with natural color, good solubility, and no preservatives. If you need to buy or further information, you can contact us:

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