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Which ginger powder is good?

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The surface is light brown, the flesh is yellow, and the taste is spicy. It is widely used in recipes and medicine. Guess an ingredient, it must be ginger. In most supermarkets, we can see ginger for sale, of course, there is another form of ginger powder. Perhaps many people mistakenly believe that it may not provide as many health benefits as fresh ginger. But this is not the case.

Ginger root vs ginger  root powder

Which kind of ginger powder is good?

1. Ginger root vs ginger  root powder

Here I will compare fresh powder and ginger powder in several aspects, but even ginger grown together has different nutrition and health benefits. Can only be represented by the majority.


In this regard, it may not be possible to tell which of the two is better, because the spicy and flavor of ginger powder is different from that of fresh ginger. It can also be more focused when used. It can be used as a choice for baked goods and spiced beverages, while fresh ginger can be used for daily cooking, especially Asian food. Of course, when there is no alternative, the two can be substituted. Some people think that one tablespoon of fresh minced ginger is about 1/4 teaspoon of powder. Of course, you can adjust it according to your taste.


Since it is mainly used in daily life, we usually use ginger as a spice. Therefore, the amount of ginger in food is usually so small that it cannot provide a lot of nutrients. Let's compare with an example. One teaspoon of powder can provide about 30% manganese, 1% fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B-6 per day, while two tablespoons of ginger only have 1.5% manganese, 1% fiber, potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6. It can be seen that in some aspects, ginger powder contains more nutrients.


Fresh ginger root contains gingerol. After heating, gingerol will be converted into another effective ingredient pinealol. Ginger also contains ginger oil, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties as both active ingredients of pinanol. Studies have shown that ginger powder has more benefits in these aspects.

Ginger powder

2. Which kind of ginger powder is good?

First of all, only ginger powder made from fresh raw materials is more secure. And if it is powder with higher purity. Generally, it is light yellow in appearance, with more fiber, aromatic and spicy, and spicy on the tip of the tongue. The adulterated ginger powder is mostly yellow-brown, with less fiber, impurities, slightly spicy smell, and slightly spicy taste on the tip of the tongue. Even adulterated ginger powder that has been stored for a long time will become moldy and agglomerate.

Nicepal ginger powder is selected from Hainan ginger and is made with the world's most advanced spray drying technology and processing technology, which can well maintain the nutrition and aroma of fresh ginger. The color is orange, the powder is loose and there is no visible impurities. Made from 92% natural ginger, it is guaranteed to be free of preservatives, flavors or synthetic colors. Pour the powder directly into warm water and use it directly.

Compared with fresh ginger, ginger powder has several advantages. There are also advantages such as easy storage, convenient and fast. Based on these advantages, you should buy good one. We are your best choice.

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