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  • Thailand FI Asia Expo 2019


    Thailand FI Asia Expo 2019 Exhibition name: Thailand FI Asia Expo 2019Address: BangkokTime: Sep.11-Sep 13,2019Nicepal booth No.: N33 On the first day of the exhibition, we welcomed customers from Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. At the scene, Nicepal communicated with the exhibitor Read More

  • U.S. IFT Exhibition 2016


    U.S. IFT Exhibition 2016 Exhibition name: U.S. IFT Exhibition 2016Address: ChicagoTime: July 17-July 19,2016Nicepal booth No.: 658 U.S. IFT Exhibition 2016, which was held in Chicago , attracted many food experts to attend, not only confectionery manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, importers and Read More

  • What do you know about Wampee powder?


    What do you know about Wampee powder?Wampee, the raw material of wampee powder, can be divided into two systems, sweet and sour, according to its kind and taste. Some varieties are sweet and sour, and the juice is rich in flavor. Read More

  • What are the relevant parameters of jack fruit powder?


    What are the relevant parameters of jack fruit powder?Jackfruit Powder is made from jackfruit and processed by the most advanced spray drying technology. The original taste of the jackfruit is well preserved. Read More

  • What is the nutritional value of coconut powder?


    Coconut powder is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, vitamin C and other nutrients needed by the human body. What is the nutritional value of coconut powder?What are the precautions for eating coconut powder? What is the nutritional value of coconut powder? Read More

  • What is Coconut Powder?


    Coconut powder is the natural beverage with the highest amino acid content in the world discovered so far. The vitamin E contained in it can maintain the youthful vitality of female, the rich zinc promotes the development of girls, and the magnesium improves the blood circulation of the elderly. Read More

  • Related information for Noni powder


    Related information for Noni powderNoni fruit is the genius doctor of nature. The roots of noni fruit can lower blood pressure, the seeds have a laxative effect, the leaves are used for external application to reduce inflammation, heal wounds and relieve pain. Read More

  • How to use Noni powder


    How to use Noni powderNowadays, some people who suffer from constipation and obesity insist on taking Noni powder. Why? Because they know that Noni powder is very effective in detoxification and anti-fat, today Nicepal will give you a detailed introduction to the consumption and attention of Noni powder. Read More

  • Main functions of Noni powder


    Main functions of Noni powderThe Latin name of Noni Fruit is Morinda citrifolia, which is planted in Hainan Island, China. With the development of the times, more and more people begin to know about noni fruit and its processed products. Read More

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