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​How much pineapple powder should I take daily?

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Although everyone knows pineapple, there are so many characteristics of pineapple that everyone still doesn't understand. What are the ecological characteristics of pineapple? If it is made into pineapple powder, what is its usage? How to allocate the specific dosage?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of pineapple powder: 

1. Enjoy pineapple powder at the right time

2. Usage and dosage of pineapple powder

3. Can I drink pineapple powder for a long time?


1. Enjoy pineapple powder at the right time

It's best to eat the right things at the right time.

There is a saying in the United Kingdom: "Fruit in the morning is gold, silver from noon to 3 pm, copper from 3 to 6 o'clock, and lead after 6 o'clock."

The relevant person at the Japanese Horticulture Research Center said: “Strictly speaking, it doesn’t matter when you eat the fruit. But for those who can’t eat breakfast, it’s easy to eat fruit, and fructose can be used in a short time. It is converted into heat to provide the human body with necessary energy supplements. In addition, fruits can also supplement vitamins and minerals. In addition, fruits picked in the morning when the temperature is lower can maintain freshness for a longer time. The temperature is higher at noon, and the fruit nutrients of the tree may be partially absorbed by the trunk, so it is better to pick the fruits in the morning."

However, Professor Shibata from Kyunglin University in Japan reminds people: "Fructose is the easiest to convert into neutral fat. For obese people, it is best to exercise after eating fruit in the morning."

Pineapple contains protease. If you eat it on an empty stomach, the proteolytic enzymes of pineapple will damage the stomach wall. Some people are allergic. It is better to eat pineapple powder after a meal. The way to eat fruit powder such as pineapple powder and fruit is similar.

 pineapple powder

2. Usage and dosage of pineapple powder

Pineapple is an indispensable seasoning in our daily diet, it has the effect of removing fishy. Making pineapple into pineapple powder can not only make a variety of delicacies, but also has a certain health effect.


3. Can I drink pineapple powder for a long time?

People with high blood pressure cannot eat pineapple. Because people with high blood pressure eat pineapple, it is easy to cause high blood pressure. If you eat pineapple often, it is easy to cause high blood pressure. People with oral diseases should not eat pineapple. The pineapple enzyme contained in pineapple will decompose protein and stimulate the oral mucosa. In addition, the acidic substances in pineapple will also stimulate the gums. If you suffer from periodontitis, oral ulcers and other diseases, it is easy to aggravate the condition. Patients recovering from brain surgery cannot eat pineapple. Patients who are recovering from brain surgery eating pineapple may be life-threatening if allergic reactions occur. Common allergic reactions such as abdominal pain and discomfort, itching turn into palpitation, dyspnea and even shock. People with allergies cannot eat pineapple. The bromelain, bioglycoside and other substances contained in pineapple can easily cause allergic reactions in people. If people with allergies eat pineapple, they are prone to allergies. If you want to eat, you must eat less, and pay attention to removing the pineapple juice residue around the lips. People who get angry and have indigestion are not suitable for eating pineapple powder.


Note that it is good to drink pineapple powder half an hour after your meal every day. Of course, pineapple powder has a good health effect, but not everyone is suitable for drinking. It depends on the individual's physical fitness. Only knowing whether your body is suitable for drinking pineapple powder can stimulate the medicinal effects of pineapple powder, make health preservation more meaningful, and make your body healthier.

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