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What is pineapple powder?

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Pineapple powder is a kind of health food, which is made from fresh pineapple and ground into powder by advanced technology. Has the effects of clearing away heat, relieving summer heat, promoting salivation, quenching thirst, and promoting urination.

What are the characteristics of Hainan Pineapple Powder?

What is the product description of pineapple powder?

What are the characteristics of Hainan Pineapple Powder?

Manufacturing process:

1. The raw material of pineapple powder is pure natural high-quality pineapple from pineapple production base, 100% pure natural fruit, and high-quality nutrition is guaranteed.

2. Pineapple powder is produced by spray drying process.

3. Pineapple powder is processed in aseptic automatic workshop, which is safe and secure.

Application of pineapple powder:

Pineapple powder can be used in convenience food, fruit juice, fruit mask, baking cake and bread, moon cake stuffing, children's food supplement, , ice cream, jelly pudding, etc.

Pineapple Powder

What is the product description of pineapple powder?

Pineapple is one of the four famous fruits in Hainan, which is characterized by rich diet and mellow taste. Nicepal pineapple powder is made of Hainan fresh pineapple as raw material, adopting the world's most advanced spray drying technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and the aroma of fresh pineapple well.


Fresh nutrients and pure pineapple flavor, quality assurance, natural color, good solubility, no preservatives, no essence or synthetic pigments.

As the first factory to produce coconut milk powder in China, Hainan Nicepal Industry Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to technological innovation and research, and has the world's top spray drying equipment. There are hundreds of strict procedures in the production process, following the operation process of gradual improvement, fully restoring the taste and nutritional ingredients of the fruit itself, fully ensuring that no flavors, pigments and preservatives are added, and the quality is trustworthy.

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