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What is the effect of using mango powder?

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The function of mango powder is generally to provide a lot of vitamins needed by the body, and it can also help relieve cough and enhance immunity. Mango powder is made of mango, which is a common fruit in life. It is rich in nutrition. Fresh mango is made into mango powder, which can be served with warm water. It has certain health-care and health-preserving effects on the body.

What is the effect of using mango powder?

What are the product characteristics of mango powder?

What is the nutritional value of mango powder?

Mango Powder

What is the effect of using mango powder?

1. Provide a lot of vitamins: Mango itself contains a lot of vitamins, including vitamin B and vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, which are all needed by the human body in the process of metabolism. Drink some mango powder in moderation, which can also be absorbed. A large number of vitamins and various vitamins provide nutrition for human metabolism.

2. Auxiliary cough relief: Mango powder needs to be taken with warm water when you drink it. Drinking appropriate amount of mango powder can also help relieve cough. At the same time, it contains more potassium and iron elements and hydrochloric acid. Although it can help cough get better, in the case of severe cough, it is also necessary to cooperate with doctors to use targeted antitussive drugs for treatment.

3. Normal immunity: Mango is a fruit with high nutritional value. Mango powder is also rich in nutrients, especially some vitamins. These vitamins can strengthen the immune globulin of human body, and can also be used to make immune globulin. Enhance vitality and improve the body's immunity.

What are the product characteristics of mango powder?

1. Mango powder produced by our company is made from high-quality fresh fruits and processed by more advanced spray drying technology. It keeps the original flavor of the fruit to the greatest extent, and contains a variety of vitamins and acids.

2. Mango powder has good fluidity, good taste, easy dissolution, easy preservation, no preservatives, no lactose and long shelf life.

3. Mango powder is suitable for medical and health products, health nutrition products, solid beverages, dairy products, convenience foods, puffed foods, condiments, middle-aged and old-aged foods, baked foods, leisure foods, cold food and cold drinks, etc.

What is the nutritional value of mango powder?

1. Mango powder is made from mature  mango, which is produced into powder by spray drying process. No essence or pigments are added. It keeps the natural color and flavor of mango and makes your products more natural. , health characteristics.

2. Mango powder is rich in vitamins A, C and calcium. Mango powder contains many mineral elements. Every 100 grams of mango contains 7 mg of calcium, 22 mg of phosphorus, 0.3 mg of iron and 3.81 mg of carotene, which is rich in nutrition.

With the deepening of the concept and the maturity of the technology, Hainan Nicepal Industry Co., Ltd. adopts the industry-leading spray drying technology, which allows fresh fruits to be dried into powder through strict and meticulous process, without adding any flavors, pigments and preservatives, thus retaining the taste and fragrance of fruits to the greatest extent.

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