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What is the use value of pineapple powder

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Pineapple powder is a kind of fruit powder. Fresh pineapple is used as raw material, and it is powdered by spray drying.

Why do we need pineapple powder?

What is the utilization value of pineapple powder?

Why do we need pineapple powder?

Pineapple powder has many functions . It contains a lot of minerals or dietary fiber of trace elements. Eating some pineapple powder properly not only has a very good laxative effect, but also has a very important significance for regulating blood pressure or delaying aging. It contains vitamin E, vitamin B group and other ingredients, and has very good effects on improving sleep or softening blood vessels, reducing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and beauty beauty.

Pineapple Powder

What is the utilization value of pineapple powder?

The fruit industry is developing rapidly, with a wide variety of fruits and abundant resources. Generally, except for the production area's own consumption, a considerable part needs to be shipped. Due to the influence of climate, region, traffic and other factors, besides marketing and canning, about 15% of fruits still rot during transportation, sale and storage, causing serious losses. Recently, some food processing enterprises have developed and produced pineapple powder, which not only meets the needs of food processing, but also solves the problem of difficult fruit sales. Pineapple powder can be used to make juice drinks with unique flavor, and fruit powder can also be used as an ingredient for cakes, biscuits, bread and other foods; Peel, stone and shell contain pectin and other ingredients, which can be used as raw materials of some foods and medicines, greatly increasing the added value of fruits. According to expert analysis, with the rapid development of food processing technology, the fruit powder market will have a broader prospect.

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