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Healthy Food Noni Enzyme Powder

Noni is known as Morinda Citrifolia. Thousands of years ago, the people living in the South Pacific discovered a small flowering shrub “Noni tree” the.fruit of the body that was rich in human body cells, and had a physical effect. Nicepal Noni Powder is selected from Hainan fresh noni made by the world's most advanced spray-drying technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh noni well. Instantly dissolved, easy to use.
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Product Description

Healthy Food Noni Enzyme Powder Price

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is an evergreen tree with large leaves and yellow fruit.Noni juice is very high in potassium. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and many other chemicals that may help repair damaged cells in the body and activate the immune system.

It is precisely because noni fruit has such a wide range of uses that we Nicepal decided to use it as a raw material to produce noni fruit powder. Nicepal noni fruit powder is made of fresh noni fruit, which is spray-dried without adding any flavor, coloring, etc. Maximize the preservation of the original efficacy of this product.



Noni fruit powder can be used in functional food, health care products, skin care products, etc.


Direct drinking

Disslove 10 grams of noni  powder directly into 150-200ml warm water for drink.

Product specification

Appearance Powder, powder loosing, no agglomeration, no visible impurity.

Grey brown

Odor Odor of fresh noni

92% natural noni

water ≤5%
Solubility ≥92%
Total Plate Count

<1000 CFU/g

Salmonella Nil

≤10 MPN/100g


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